Hilo Iwanami

Web / UI / Graphic / Identity


Brand Identity

Magari is a restaurant space renting service, providing the spaces from one hour at lower costs without any contract, in Tokyo. Targeting younger people, 20 - 30 year old girls, Magari is also popular for private party spaces, because most people in Tokyo live in small apartments and they can’t invite people to their house. In 2009, they came to me to develop a unique brand identity. It was a niche and new small market at that time though, more and more restaurants and bars start to rent their spaces in the idle time recently. Magari, specializing in renting, now they have 3 branches and more to come. They keep growing in the market.

I worked closely with them from the scratch. We researched the market, developed service concept, and then I drew so many sketches. After we narrowed down to the three of them, I designed with Illustrator, and eventually we decided to choose the one.

I came up with the logo’s motif, a hermit crab, because the service is about renting, but the reason that we decided to use this plan was that using animal motif is one of the good way of catching people’s mind. As a symbol for the service, it had to be eye-catchy and easy to remember for young girls. On the contrary, if the client had a plan to stretch their business to different areas and I had to create the symbol for their parent company, I would choose more subtle representation like abstract elements or just word-mark rather than using animal picture. It all depends on context.

Alternative logo Isolation area Mono color The front side of the coaster The backside of the coaster Sketchs